Edgewater Primary School commenced using the online version of NAPLAN in 2018 with great success. Whilst the administration of the test was easier, students were motivated by the use of technology to complete the assessments. By carefully timetabling the online tests we found that our 10 Mgbit bandwidth was sufficient for our needs. This, coupled with modern desktop computers and teachers fully trained to administer NAPLAN in the online environment, ensured that our students were well-placed to complete the tests.

NALAN Online provides a better assessment, more precise results and faster turnaround of information. It features 'tailored testing' (see video below) which gives students questions that are more suited to their ability along with a range of question formats and interactive features. Students answer question by clicking, typing and dragging; some questions include audio or interactive tools; all questions can be reviewed and answered, or flagged and returned to later.

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