Fathering Project


In 2017, Edgewater Primary School proudly partnered with The Fathering Project and are currently planning events and activities for champion father figures and kids.

We’re known as the ‘Edgemen’ and if you would like to start being notified of anything upcoming please find us on Facebook ( search for ‘Edgemen’ ) or you can join our WhatsApp group by getting in touch.

The Edgemen coordinators are Phil Dawson and Jason Dear and they can be reached by phone/sms on 0488 739 165 or via email on dads@edgewaterpandc.com.

For more information on The Fathering Project overall or to check out some of the larger events they host, visit http://thefatheringproject.org/.


Some of the Edgemen meet cricket legend Justin Langer, at a Fathering Project event.

Some of the Edgemen meet cricketing legend, Justin Langer at a Fathering Project event. 


A friendly competition with Currambine Primary made a great day out for both Dads and kids!