Parents and Citizens Association


We are indeed fortunate to have the support of a dynamic and innovative Parents and Citizens' Association (P&C) who work tirelessly in partnership with the school to provide that 'little bit extra' for our students.

All members offer their services on a volunteer basis and are led by a strong executive who ensure that the relationship between student-teacher-parent is fostered in order to provide the support needed for our students. 

The P&C meets twice a term in the staff room - details are on our school calendar. All parents/carers are invited to attend.

Executive Committee


President - Lee Tanner


Secretary - Liane Brown


Treasurer - Anita Walzack


School Board Representative - Rebecca Wright


Safety House - Vanessa Browne


Graduation - Carolyn Lindsay


Canteen - Louise Skuse


Fundraising - Kelly Dear




 Upcoming Events