It's High Tea time again

Yes, that's right..  my annual High Tea for the year 4 girls and their mums, grandmothers or significant female care giver is on again this term.  I am really looking forward to sharing this lovely afternoon with you all.

Please contact me at school if you would like any more information. 

 Lisa Ingham

School Chaplain

Chaplain Days

I am available for appointments every

Wednesday and Friday

Please call the school office on
9405 4007
to make a time. 

I can also be contacted by email:

Chaplain Links

In my travels I come across some
great websites for parents. 
Below you will find some links to
a few of my favourites.
Info on Bullying

Kids Helpline
Children,Youth Health Information 

It doesn't matter......

Chaplain Websites

Great Values Website
This is a great teaching website using videos. I particularly love the one called Imagine.
Please take the time to have a look. You won't be disappointed.